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With more and people identifying the potential joys and excitement of poker, it has evolved as a globally accepted form of gambling and stimulation. To add more to this, the online poker rooms have paved the way for millions of poker enthusiasts to come online and try their luck in betting and winning money. But do all of them have a winning potential or attitude? Of course not! Poker is no kid’s game! Unless you are proficient enough and play diligently, analyzing each hand and move, you are in no way in a winning position.
Every poker player wants to win, right?? For this you need to master your moves, as well as your opponents. You need to be well versed with the basics of poker.

Check onto some of these basics of a regular poker game.
• You need to know the values of the cards. At the end of the game, the person having the highest card value wins. In a 5 card draw poker, 52 cards are used and the Ace has the highest value. The other cards follow in the sequence of King, Queen, Jack, 10-2(from highest to lowest). There are 4 symbols to be memorized, as Hearts, Spades, Clubs and Diamonds.

• Know the various important card combinations and memorize them. In poker, there are certain card combinations like Three of a Kind, One Pair, High Card, Two Pair, Royal Flush, etc. You need to know the importance of these combinations.

• Bet your money intelligently. You get coins, chips or bills to gamble depending on the money deposited by you. The other players follow depending on the value being bet by the first player. At the end, the winner gets it all.

• After this, 5 cards are given to each player in a face down position. The other cards are kept in the middle.

• Next comes analyzing the cards. This is the time for bluffing and playing the tricks. Beware of these, or you can also try some healthy tricks.

• The rounds start here. Each player ‘sees’ or ‘calls’, or they can ‘fold’ (quit) or raise. Know when to make what move based on your hands. A ‘draw’ can be made by disposing off the card which you don’t need. Another round of gambling is done here, where most of the players fold because of weak hands or higher stakes.

• Lastly, expose your cards. The one with highest value wins and gets all the money.

Learning how to play poker can earn you a profitable income if you are intelligent enough to master the skills.

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